DeltaLift 8-10 Ton diesel forklifts

If you’re a busi­ness own­er, you know that the only con­stant in life is change. That’s espe­cially true when it comes to tech­no­logy and equip­ment. If your com­pany needs heavy lift­ing equip­ment, you might be won­der­ing if hir­ing a fork­lift is right for your busi­ness. The answer is yes!

Fork­lift hire is a great way for busi­nesses to save money and succeed.

What is a fork­lift? A fork­lift is a mech­an­ic­al machine that uses a long met­al prong with two or more tines at the end, called forks, to lift and move mater­i­als. The oper­at­or of the machine sits in a seat on top of the forks and con­trols them through levers and ped­als. Fork­lifts are usu­ally used to lift pal­lets of mater­i­al onto trucks or flat­bed trail­ers. They can also be used for lift­ing trash bins into dump­sters or mov­ing large items around ware­houses and indus­tri­al facilities.

Fork­lifts have many bene­fits for busi­ness own­ers look­ing for ways to save money without sac­ri­fi­cing qual­ity ser­vice or performance:

  • Cost-effect­ive solu­tion: Fork­lifts are cost-effect­ive because they help you cut down on labor costs by increas­ing effi­ciency in your ware­house oper­a­tions and redu­cing manu­al labor. You won’t need as many work­ers doing repet­it­ive tasks if you have one per­son who oper­ates one fork­lift instead of mul­tiple work­ers using hand trucks or dol­lies to move mater­i­als from point A to point B! And this means less over­head costs like payroll taxes!

  • Ver­sat­ile use: You can use them for loads up high off the ground, which means great­er flex­ib­il­ity when load­ing and unload­ing con­tain­ers, trail­ers, etc. Plus, they’re also great at man­euv­er­ing around tight corners with­in nar­row spaces due to their nar­row­er width com­pared with oth­er types of vehicles such as back­hoes, which tend to be not only wider but also taller over­all, mean­ing they could get stuck behind things like trees (or even stacks them­selves). Con­sider how much easi­er it would be if all of those boxes had handles instead, so people would­n’t need someone else there all day to help them move things around – ima­gine how much time we’d save!

You can hire a fork­lift when you need it and return it when you don’t.

If you need a fork­lift for a short-term pro­ject, you can rent one for just the time that is needed. For example, if you are mov­ing invent­ory from one place to anoth­er or maybe your com­pany needs to move some heavy equip­ment from stor­age into your ware­house, hav­ing a fork­lift on hand will save time and money. This is espe­cially true if there are no oth­er ways to trans­port these items off­s­ite by truck or even by hand cart. If this sounds like some­thing that would be use­ful at your com­pany, then con­tact us today!

Hir­ing a fork­lift means you don’t have the respons­ib­il­ity of main­ten­ance or insurance.

Fork­lift rent­al is an excel­lent option for busi­nesses that do not have the resources to hire and main­tain their own fork­lifts. Hir­ing a fork­lift means you don’t have the respons­ib­il­ity of main­ten­ance or insur­ance. Addi­tion­ally, as long as you meet fed­er­al safety stand­ards, you can use your own employ­ees to oper­ate a ren­ted forklift.

If you choose to rent instead of buy, there are sev­er­al oth­er bene­fits: No need for expens­ive cer­ti­fic­a­tions or train­ing pro­grams; no need for an oper­at­or who is cer­ti­fied and avail­able 24/7; no need for main­ten­ance con­tracts; and no need for cap­it­al invest­ment in equip­ment that can be used only dur­ing cer­tain hours at cer­tain loc­a­tions (for example, work trucks).

The cost of hir­ing is far lower than the cost of buy­ing a new forklift.

The cost of hir­ing a fork­lift is far lower than the cost of buy­ing one. This means that you can invest in oth­er equip­ment and still have money left over.

Moreover, if you hire a fork­lift, then you are not restric­ted to keep­ing it around for all etern­ity. You can return the fork­lift when you don’t need it any­more — which might be at all times!

Hir­ing equip­ment can be bene­fi­cial for your business.

The biggest bene­fit of hir­ing equip­ment is that you only pay for what you need. You don’t have to worry about main­ten­ance or insur­ance, and you can hire equip­ment for a short peri­od of time if you are in need of it dur­ing a rush or an emer­gency. Or, if there will be reg­u­lar use from now on, then hire the fork­lift for longer peri­ods of time.


In con­clu­sion, hir­ing is a great way to save money and suc­ceed in busi­ness. The cost of hir­ing is far lower than the cost of buy­ing a new fork­lift, and there are no main­ten­ance costs or insur­ance require­ments to worry about. Hir­ing also means that you’ll always have equip­ment avail­able when needed since it’s ren­ted rather than owned. For more inform­a­tion about fork­lift hire in South Africa, please con­tact us.

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