Safety Cage

Safety Cage / Forklift Work Platform
  • Specifically designed to carry a maximum of two people.
  • Forklift Safety Cage that is intended for those activities of short duration where personnel are required to perform tasks at height.
  • Fitted with Safety Locking Pins plus a Rear Mesh Barrier to protect the forklift lifting the cage. Internal handrail with safety loops to hook safety harness.
  • For safety reasons alone, every warehouse should own one.
  • Manufactured strictly to safety standards. Not to be used on a forklift truck if the capacity of that forklift is less than 1800 kg.
  • Designed with safety in mind and to carry out those maintenance tasks of short duration.
  • Fitted with a self-closing inward opening gate and comes complete with two floor-mounted harnesses.
  • Made for lifting people, turning your forklift truck into a crew lift. Ideal for when lighting and other installations need to be maintained.
  • Easily mounted on the forks of the forklift truck via fork shoes.
  • Made from lightweight aluminium, so is ideal for small forklift trucks.

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