67 Ton Dies­el Forklifts

DeltaLift 5-10t diesel or gasoline forklift

6 - 7 Ton Diesel Forklifts

This fine series of forklift trucks are made with the latest in technical design, providing you with excellent operating performance. DeltaLift forklift trucks have a high standard of performance and a comfortable driving experience that is simple and safe to operate.

Environmentally Friendly
  • The emission meets EC and EPA new regulations.
  • High-efficiency hydraulic system to lower fuel consumption.
  • Using environmental-friendly materials.
  • Damping device on the mast to reduce impact and vibration.
  • Sound insulation is used to reduce the noise.
Ergonomic design
  • Uses a power braking system.
  • The control lever on the right effectively reduces the driver's arm fatigue.
  • Dual combined switch lever like a car for simple operation.
  • Wide mast with good visibility.
  • Large and comfortable driving space with increased leg space.
  • When the engine oil pressure is too low or water temperature is too high, there is an automatic engine monitor control with an automatic shut-off.
Safety performance
  • The enclosed steel plate cabin with high strength overhead ensures safety.
  • The parking brake has safety protection. When the parking brake is on, the forklift will not move.
  • Safety device in-mast hydraulic system prevents material from falling down in case of a broken hose.
  • The high-pressure hose is far away from the driver.
  • The safety wire harness uses a waterproof plug.
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