45 Ton Forklifts

DeltaLift K50 5 ton K2 Series forklift

4 - 5 Ton Forklifts

The modern series 4-5 ton internal combustion forklift truck. A durable and high-cost performance truck with reliable core parts. The forklift truck integrates R & D design for safety, reliability, high efficiency and comfort and combines technical and design innovation.


  • Engine configuration is rich with several powerful and low emission engines are optional. The tuck has a strong capacity and is suitable for high duty applications to meet your requirements.
  • The standard configuration of drive axle with high casting accuracy for strength and safety.
  • The transmission box configuration is rich. Reliable single-lever mechanical transmission box, double-lever mechanical transmission box, and a hydrodynamic transmission box.
  • Equipped with Zhengxin 7.00-12-14PR tyres with plying rating of 14 with the characteristics of high bearing capacity, wear resistance and long service life.


  • The enlarged diameter of hydraulic system pipelines, optimized pipeline arrangement and reduced temperature of hydraulic oil improve the service life of hydraulic components and reduces the use and maintenance cost in the life cycle.
  • The application of a double pump confluence hydraulic system provides oil supply as required. The front pump and rear pump flow together only when the mist is lifting. It is energy-saving and high efficiency.
  • The standard configuration of LED lights is energy-saving and environment friendly and has a long service life and higher reliability.
  • The standard configuration of the load sensor gives priority to steering, reduces energy loss and reduces use cost.


  • Optimized cooling channel and standard configuration of enlarged aluminium plate-fin radiator improve cooling performance and thus improve the reliability of the transmission box and engine.
  • The standard configuration of the air cleaner alarm reminds customers to maintain the air cleaner in time to protect the engine and improve engine reliability.
  • The transmission system matching with HUTCHINSON cushions offers a perfect matching between service life and vibration reduction effect after professional calculation (hydrodynamic truck).
  • An optimized bi-wiring screw lock mechanism makes locking adjusting more convenient. The hydraulic truck is upgraded with a new intelligent shift system to prevent starting from second gear and improve the working reliability of the gearbox.


  • Optimized brake pedal and accelerator pedal and automobile operation mode improves driving comfort.
  • The small-diameter steering wheel offers efficient and convenient operation, reduces the operation intensity and improves the driver's operation convenience.
  • Integrated handle switch (hydrodynamic truck) and standard lifting cylinder lower buffer offer a new driving experience.
  • Enlarged grained leather anti-skid handle, half enclosed seat, instrument back-light design, anti-skid metal pedal and hood lock make the operation more comfortable.
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