1.83 Ton Lith­i­um Bat­tery Elec­tric Forklifts


1.8 – 3 Ton Lithium Battery Electric Forklifts

1.8 – 3 Ton Lithium-ion Battery Electric Forklifts

  • Suitable for narrow working spaces, railway cars, vans, lift platforms and cold storage up to 30 degrees below zero.
  • The truck body width is 990 mm with a narrow body, low centre of gravity, small turning radius, good vehicle stability, flexible operation in narrow spaces.
  • A stainless steel baffle plate is installed below the battery and above the motor to adapt to the environment in which the water droplets are easily formed in cold storage, and the condensation on the battery can be avoided on the motor.

Lithium Battery Charging Station

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