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Forklift forks are the most important part of a forklift. They are the parts that connect to pallets or crates, and without them, you won’t be able to move anything. Forklift forks come in many different styles, including pin type and bar mount, but all have one purpose: to make moving objects easier! Forklift tyres are a great way to make sure your forklift is always in good order and ready for use. It’s important to keep your forklift tyres in good condition because they help protect the floor of your warehouse or garage from damage. You may have noticed some forklifts have different tyre types depending on their make and model, but what does that mean?

Forklift forks forged from top quality steel

Delta Lifts’ forks are forged from top-quality steel, which makes them stronger and more resistant to wear and tear. They’re also more resistant to corrosion, so you don’t have to worry about long-term maintenance costs.

We recommend using forklift forks forged from steel in your warehouse if you’ve got a busy operation or if your forklifts do the heavy lifting on a regular basis. The extra durability will save you money in the long run!

Pin type or bar mount forklift forks

Delta Forklifts manufactures two types of forks: pin-type and bar-mount forks. Both have their own pros and cons, but this article will focus on the most popular choice.

The most common type of forklift is a pin-type forklift (also called pneumatic), which has a fixed chassis with wheels at the end that can be raised using hydraulic pressure. A forklift with this kind of equipment will usually have one front wheel and four others, two on each side. The front wheel is used for steering, while all the others are driven by motors that pull it through its movement range.

When it comes to durability and ease of use, bar mount forklift forks win every time because they use fewer moving parts than pneumatic systems do. However, they’re also more expensive due to higher manufacturing costs for heavier steel materials needed when building these types into strong frames capable of supporting large loads without breaking down under heavy weights placed upon them over time periods spent working hard each day loading cargo into trucks etcetera.)

Forklift rubber tyres

Forklift rubber tyres are essential for forklifts. They provide you with the maximum traction and stability when you need it most, ensuring that your forklift will not slip or skid while in use.

To ensure that they are ready for any task, forklift rubber tyres come in a range of sizes (from 3 inches to 6 inches) and tread patterns (light lug and heavy lug). All of these models are designed to provide optimum traction on different surfaces, so no matter what your needs may be, there’s sure to be a suitable model available for you.

See the great range of forklift forks and tyres.

Forklift forks and forklift tyres are crucial parts of your forklift purchase. The right forklift accessories can improve the efficiency and safety of your machinery, while the wrong ones could put you at risk.

With our extensive range of products, we’re confident that we have the right item for you. Our warehouse has been designed to give you access to our stock as quickly as possible so that you never have to wait too long for what you need. We also have an expert team who will be able to answer any questions about our products or services that may arise along your journey with us.

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